From The Director’s Desk

Learning an ornament in prosperity, a refuge in adversity, a cheer in solitude, but nevertheless an incessant process, which never gets unsaturated. Hence education in general and management education in particular occupies a strategic place in the ever-changing growth process of a country’s economy.

In response to the growing need for “Trained Managers” management education, training and research programmes have developed at a tremendous pace during the last decade. This has created an awareness of the need to integrate the western concepts of management with Indian management practice. Recognizing this aspect M.I.C.M has committed to develop human values, skills, and creativity amongst MBA students to empower them to meet the challenges posed by the complex business environment. With this objective the institute attempts towards its relentless pursuit for the growth of intellectual capital in the academics. It is now being reckoned as one of the fast growing business schools in the co-operative sector in  Orissa.

In these times of challenges and change, I am confident  that my MBA students will continue to uphold our tradition to pursuit for excellence as they strive to fulfill your expectations. Hence it is our wish and we strive hard to become a center of excellence. Now we dedicate ourselves to meet the vision of the institute as one amongst the developed management institutes across the country as well as in our state.

May I have the pleasure of welcoming to M.I.C.M.

Thanking you.


                                                                                          Shantanu Ghosh